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Whoever said guys can't multitask lied - I can pee, burp and fart all… - Commenteth [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Dec. 26th, 2004|08:45 pm]
Comment Whores


Whoever said guys can't multitask lied - I can pee, burp and fart all at the same time

Damn I'm talented.

On that note :

Keep Your Head Up - - Listen to it Here - Stinger does verse 1 and 4, Kruxx does the hook, I'm the middle vocals.

We got our heads up,
All year round we rhyme frees /
Like the tallest pine trees, /
With immense presence
we find kids eyes are blind or ever green,/
who define me as writin what they've seen/
yet appear to be in
in a battle against hygeine/
We stupidly kept it clean
As more poor kids appear/
Dirty fear try to mime me, cause they wish they
were here/
30 near and far, mimick, tryin to be as grimey/
time's been kind as our mind's stay supreme/
punches lined up like armies, meaning/
We'll harm people just the way we scatter MCs/
With their chitter chatter,
Like throwin snakes at babies
Seen depleteing, this is their fate that they're
seatin y'all down just to pay attention/
won't say your name just to gain you a mention/
prevention of destruction, puttin push to

Can't feel the shit we spat, is your brain
I'm exact as I axe away all who try match
You'd get slapped, beat down your neck cracked
Retallitate we're puttin both your faces in your
Too quick to distract so we adjust the facts
You ain't even act like on the mic you're relaxed
Are you fit for rap? Cause your voice just
Fans ain't listenin no more, you gotta fix the
Or hit the sack, as we retire you
Decline opposition even tho we fired you
Revise our position before we hire you
Cause ain't nobody in the world gainin my dues
Too few feel the pain, so we crucify all who
On the mic or through the textual chants
til the only thing left in this world are our
and if that means only me, well I'll be damned/